Video: Government House, Regina

Welcome to the Government House, Regina as part of the Haunted Saskatchewan series. Learn more about the ghost “Howie” that is expected to be roaming the museum halls.

Audiogram Writing Prompt Series: Unexpected Haunted Object

I had so much fun creating this one for you, my ghouls. I purchased a software that comes with sound effects just so that I could make this one a little more like the old-time horror radio shows. I hope to make one a month, so make sure you subscribe to my channel if youContinue reading “Audiogram Writing Prompt Series: Unexpected Haunted Object”

Video: Haunted Saskatchewan – Bushwakker Brewpub

Hi my ghouls! Here is the YouTube video I created for my visit at Bushwakker Brewpub here in Regina, Saskatchewan. I included some of the stories that Grant told us in the location as clips in the video. Make sure you watch until the end to find out who we think is haunting Bushwakkers!

Video: Haunted Saskatchewan – Regina Cemetery

Welcome back, my ghouls, to the Haunted Saskatchewan series! In this video, I show you some of the video footage and photos from the Regina Cemetery that I visited back in November 2021. Check out the video below, and make sure you Subscribe to my channel to be notified about future videos! Transcript: Welcome backContinue reading “Video: Haunted Saskatchewan – Regina Cemetery”

Audiogram: The Truth

Last week, I decided to try something new, and this is what I created! It is an audiogram of my short story The Truth. It was a lot of fun to make, even though I am definitely not a voice actor, but I may keep making these once a month for fun! Let me knowContinue reading “Audiogram: The Truth”

Video: Haunted Saskatchewan: Indian Head

This week on my YouTube Channel, I talked about the two locations that I had visited as part of the Haunted Photo Hunt series here on my blog. These locations were the Bell Barn and the Screaming House. Check out the video below if you are interested! I have also included the transcript for myContinue reading “Video: Haunted Saskatchewan: Indian Head”

Video: DIY, At-Home Writing Retreat

Last November, I wanted to try out my very first writing retreat, but CV-19 and budget constraints made it impossible for me to attend a physical one. So, instead of giving up, I did my research and planned out my very own 2-day writing retreat! In this video, I discuss how I prepared for theContinue reading “Video: DIY, At-Home Writing Retreat”

Video: Haunted Saskatchewan – Qu’Appelle Valley

Check out my first Haunted Saskatchewan video from my YouTube channel. The Qu’Appelle Valley locations include Little Church on the Valley and Fort San Sanatorium.

Video: 3 Reasons I Write Horror

I have written a bit about this before on my site, but I wanted to include a video about the same topic on my YouTube channel. Check it out! Would love to know your thoughts about the YouTube channel in the comments. 🙂 Thank you my ghouls! Transcript: Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel. MyContinue reading “Video: 3 Reasons I Write Horror”

Video: Introductions

I have started a YouTube Channel! I will add the videos to relevant posts that line up with the videos I create on YouTube. I will also make sure to include transcripts below each post in case you are interested in reading what was said instead of watching the video. I hope you enjoy! TheContinue reading “Video: Introductions”