DIY, At-Home Writer’s Retreat: Creating Your Schedule

Hello my ghouls!! As a follow up to my my YouTube video regarding writer’s retreats, I started a series of posts that go into more detail about writer’s retreats, based on my personal experience, as well as the research that I had done prior to my retreat. This series will include:  1. What I didContinue reading “DIY, At-Home Writer’s Retreat: Creating Your Schedule”

Video: DIY, At-Home Writing Retreat

Last November, I wanted to try out my very first writing retreat, but CV-19 and budget constraints made it impossible for me to attend a physical one. So, instead of giving up, I did my research and planned out my very own 2-day writing retreat! In this video, I discuss how I prepared for theContinue reading “Video: DIY, At-Home Writing Retreat”