Video: Haunted Saskatchewan – Qu’Appelle Valley

The latest video on my YouTube Channel reviews my first two haunted locations that I visited as part of my Haunted Saskatchewan series. This includes the Little Church in the Valley ( and Fort San Sanatorium ( locations. Check out the video below, as well as the transcript if you would rather read about it. 

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Video includes the locations from Little Church in the Valley and Fort San Sanatorium.

Hello my ghouls. Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel.

In case you are new, I’m K.D. Kulpa. I’m a horror writer. I’m working on writing some books in sort of the paranormal, supernatural genre. I also have some ideas for some monster horror books that I hope to write in the future. And this channel is all about my journey to becoming a published author. While also talking about some of the other things along the way.

So today this video is all about something else that I have been working on that sort of became a side passion of mine as I’ve been working towards becoming a published author. And that is going to potentially haunted locations and documenting their history, taking pictures and video clips, and that kind of thing. So I thought today we would start with my first two locations that I visited back in, I think it was, October of 2021. These two locations – one of them was known to be haunted before the building was demolished. So who knows if the ghosts are still hanging around the area. The other one we don’t know for sure that it was haunted as we don’t have any documented, unexplained experiences. However, it is a small church with a cemetery, so you never know. So let’s get into the locations right away.

Okay, so the first location I’m going to tell you about today is the Little Church in the Valley. This location actually has multiple names including the Kennel Anglican Church and the Saint Nicholas Anglican Church. It is currently located in the Qu’Appelle Valley. In sort of the middle of nowhere, if I’m being completely honest as it wasn’t the easiest place to find. And it actually was moved to this location. Originally, the church was built in the early 1900s. But it was actually moved to its current location around 1910-1911. As I said, it is located in the Qu’Appelle Valley and it is near Craven, Saskatchewan. It is quite a small church and it only looks like it has one room inside of it. And it has a very small cemetery behind it. And you can tell by looking at the points of the roof and the way the windows are made, that isn’t influenced by the Gothic Revival. That is what kind of the architecture looks like. You can tell it is well maintained, as it looked like it had recently been freshly painted when we were visiting. And so it’s quite a nice little location to go visit. Even if it isn’t haunted. Now, of course we went during the day because when took our three kids with us, and since it’s in the middle of nowhere, we did walk around the back roads and the gravel roads that were nearby. And we even found a broken down bridge nearby that we went and visited. The interesting part about the broken bridge was that there’s even what looks like a door off of some sort of vehicle inside of the small creek that goes underneath it, which makes you wonder what happened. But no ghosts that we could find and we couldn’t hear anything on our equipment. So we just mostly had videos to take.

Alright, and then the next location I thought I’d mentioned today has to do with the Fort San Sanatorium. Unfortunately, the actual building of the sanatorium was demolished in 2017. So we just went to the site to see you know what was left. And it looks like all of the buildings are now gone from what we could tell. Unfortunately there were fences up that were preventing us from being all that really take a good look at the location. We may try to go back in the future if we can get access to the land. But it was a beautiful location to visit. To give you the history of location, the Fort San Sanatorium was the first sanatorium built in Saskatchewan. It was built in the location that it is because it was felt that the isolated location with a beautiful lake nearby and trees and protection from Saskatchewan winds was a good place for people with tuberculosis to go and heal and try to get better. It was originally opened in 1917 and it continued to operate as a sanatorium until 1971. It was also the location that returning soldiers from the First World War that had contracted tuberculosis while fighting in the war could actually go to when they return, so there was a lot of army and veterans that had actually stayed there if they had tuberculosis when they returned. The original site of the sanatorium had 184 acres and had four main buildings on it. The doctor’s house, the nurse’s house, the sanatorium itself, and then they did build a new wing onto the sanatorium at a later date. Given how large the sanatorium was, you could hold approximately 360 patients at one time, so it was quite a large location. After it was no longer used as a sanatorium, it continued to be used by other means. For awhile, until about 1991, it was used for a summer art school here in Saskatchewan. And then after that it turned into a conference centre. I believe it was the Echo Valley Conference centre. And that operated until 2004. Which, funny enough, my father actually stayed there. And he actually slept in the sanatorium as a part of something for his work. So he actually stayed in it before it was demolished. As I mentioned, unfortunately all of the buildings have been demolished, with the sanatorium itself being demolished in 2017 after it fell too far beyond repair. So they couldn’t keep it up anymore. And those are the two main locations that I visited in the Qu’Appelle Valley this fall.

As I mentioned, I have been doing more locations since then. And I plan to do a lot more locations with actually live video and interviews with people that have had experiences. And I’m really excited about these, so looking forward to posting videos about those in the near future. So hit subscribe and the little bell so that you can be notified of when those locations go live on my channel. I’ll also be posting things about my short stories and about my writing journey on this channel. So make sure you give this one a like. I will also put links below to the articles that I actually wrote about each of these locations in case you are interested. You will also be able to find in my website the other locations that I’ve seen so far. Lastly, if you are interested, I will also put a link down below to my newsletter. In my newsletter, you will be the first to know if any updates of upcoming events or book launches or locations that are coming up. As well as getting updates to my articles at my website delivered directly to your inbox.

Until next time my ghouls. Thank you everyone.

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