Check out my WIP’s hook

This week, I have been making more progress on my WIP. I am excited to say that it looks like my rewrites should be done by October 31st! Which seems fitting since it’s a horror novel and I will be ready to query it on Halloween. 

However, the idea of querying has my stomach doing flips, so I thought this post would focus on my attempt at writing my “back of the cover” hook. I would love your opinion on it, so comment below if you have any suggestions. I find it difficult to explain what my book is about in less than 150 words, but here we go.

Unfortunately, I do not have a title in mind yet, so that is yet to come. Currently, I simply refer to it as “Coma”. If anyone has suggestions on how to figure out a title, I’d be happy to hear them!

Coma Hook

For Stan and Liz Stevens, a casual evening walk while their nanny puts the kids to bed turns out to be the start of their world unraveling. Stan lands in a purgatory hell after falling into a coma following the accident. Liz struggles to pull the pieces together without him, juggling their three kids and her deteriorating job at the local newspaper. At first, neither of them realizes that something lurking in the shadows has taken notice of Stan’s condition and wants Stan to never wake up. As the creatures emerge from the shadows, Stan must decide – return to his body or stop the creatures, who have taken notice of his wife and kids. Can Stan wake up before it’s too late?

K.D. Kulpa

Next, to the query letter! 🙂

I hope you are all doing well. Let me know in the comments what you are up to. Do you get dressed up for Halloween? Or do you spend the night watching scary movies and eating Halloween candy? I usually try to do both. 


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