Writing Prompt Series

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Prompt: A woman inherits her aunt’s doll collection

Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 3

Start the story at Part 1 “How the hell did you get here?” At first, Juliet thought about running from the house again, but her mind returned to earlier that morning. At the thought of the police officers laughing on…

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Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 2

Go back to Part 1 That night, Juliet had a fitful sleep. She assumed the bad take-out food was the cause, but something in her subconscious nagged at her. When the morning finally came, she woke to the smell of…

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Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls

Juliet looked at the man standing on her concrete doorstep. He looked comical in his navy blue suit and yellow tie with a bright orange bicycle helmet on his head, reminding her of a traffic cone. The aviator sunglasses topped…

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Prompt: An unexpected object turns out to be haunted/cursed

Unexpected Haunted Object

My birthday started out fantastic. I had no idea it was going to be my last. It all started with sitting in my parents’ backyard around a fire. The smell of the smoke had saturated our clothing and hair by…

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Prompt: Your parents tell you the truth about where you came from

The Truth

“I don’t understand. Why would you wait so long to tell me this?” I looked over at my mom in disbelief. I often complained as a kid that I must be adopted, but it was an act of rebellion against…

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