Video: Haunted Saskatchewan: Indian Head

This week on my YouTube Channel, I talked about the two locations that I had visited as part of the Haunted Photo Hunt series here on my blog. These locations were the Bell Barn and the Screaming House. Check out the video below if you are interested! I have also included the transcript for my video below if you prefer.


Welcome back my ghouls to the next video in the haunted Saskatchewan series. In this video, I’ll be introducing you to two locations near Indian Head, Saskatchewan. So if you are interested in Saskatchewan history with some ghost stories and unexplained experiences mixed in, then this video is for you.

Hello everyone. And welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, I’m K.D. Kulpa. I’m a horror writer that is on the path to trying to become published. And this channel is all about my journey to becoming published and some of the things that I’m doing, as well as this side passion project that I’m working on. This particular video follows along the haunted Saskatchewan series that I’ve started.

I have been going around to older locations in Southern Saskatchewan. Right now, these locations have been either abandoned or have been turned into new things. But the old building is still there. I take pictures. If there’s people around to interview, I ask questions. I take video clips. As well as I research into the actual history behind the location to try and get an idea.

One, if the stories are true, if we can try and collaborate who the ghosts are that are potentially haunting the location, as well as to just find out more about the location itself. So, if you’re interested in Saskatchewan history, or even if you just want to hear the ghost stories and unexplained experiences that have happened to people around these locations then make sure that you hit the subscribe button down below. I plan to put posts out about these at least every couple of weeks to the various locations that I am visiting.

Right now, these locations are limited to Southern Saskatchewan because of COVID restrictions, but I’m hoping that as time goes on, I’ll be able to expand my area into other parts of Saskatchewan and hopefully even other parts of Western Canada. So my ghouls let’s get into this video. So today I’m going to take you to Indian Head. Indian Head,

Saskatchewan was incorporated in 1902. But there was a lot of activity happening around the area even before then. In particular, the Canadian Pacific Railway brought a lot of attention to the area. As the Canadian Pacific Railway was being built to cross Saskatchewan around 1882 and Saskatchewan at the time was known for its fertile farming lands.

So around 1882, one of the first settlers that actually settled in the area was major William R. Bell. So Mr. Bell came along with one of the Ontario companies known as the Qu’Appelle valley farming company. It was one of the first corporate farms in Saskatchewan. And this corporate farming experiment was being funded by Sir John A.

MacDonald, which was the prime minister at the time. And Mr. Bell was the one that was chosen to come and manage the farm around 1882. So he actually came across to the Indian Head area a few months before the tracks were laid for the Canadian Pacific railway. It is said they bought approximately 53,000 acres of land.

And once everything was fully built, there was nearly a hundred buildings on the site. And because there was so much land that he was farming, that he had hired on a lot of extra help. So he had to have a location to put the helpers as well as their families so that they had places to live at various points around the farmland.

And interestingly enough, this also caused the first telephone system to be installed actually at Bell farm in Saskatchewan, because they had hooked up the telephone wires in between some of these houses that were built for the farm help. And interestingly enough, the company originally bought Indian Head location, as it wanted to make sure that there was enough services to support the shipping that was coming in, the exporting from the farms, as well as to help Bell’s farm be successful.

Unfortunately, the farm was not successful. So they started selling off land in 1886 and continued to sell off land slowly under the Bell Company until about 1895. So something that was interesting about this location is actually the round barn. The round barns were popular around that time in Saskatchewan.

And there’s a few others that were built, including in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan. I believe. And although the original round barn is no longer, you can only kind of see some rubble where it had existed. They did actually decide to move as much of the original material to rebuild the round barn for the Bell Barn Society.

Near Indian head and it’s actually only, it’s really close to the original location, but they had to move it over because the original homestead had been sold. The house had been removed and the barn had been removed. So it, I couldn’t go to the original location, which is probably why there’s probably not much for hauntings or unexplained experiences that I could find.

I also went in late in the fall, which you cannot actually go into the bell barn during that time. So I couldn’t ask anyone on location if they had had experiences. I may go back in the summer to see if I can find anything more out, but for now it was more of just checking it out because it was interesting. And I think that this location was actually related to another location that I had visited.

This next location. I’m going to mention  is located in the middle of a farmer’s field. So you can’t really go onto it. At least we didn’t feel comfortable going onto it without having someone’s permission. So we made sure we just walked nearby. We didn’t drive onto it onto the land surrounding because we didn’t want to be disrespectful to whoever owns the property right now.

But we did kind of walk close, as close as we could get to it, to take some pictures. And this next location is known as the Screaming House. Now, where does it get its name from? The legend claims that a woman was standing in the main floor of the building. And as she was looking out the window, she saw one of her young daughters get hit by a train going by on the train tracks. And they say that in her mourning and her pain of going through this experience, she made her husband actually brick up the windows on the south facing side of the house so that she wouldn’t have to look at the tracks ever again.

And then that way she wouldn’t have to relive the horrible experience every time she looked out the window. Now they say that when you go to the screaming house and you go into the screaming house at night, when a train is passing by and stand in the main floor near where that window is boarded up, that you can actually hear the woman screaming for her child.

So I did some research on the area and I tried to come up with who this could possibly be, but I could not find any information about a family that actually lived there. I found some names like Drinkwater came up, which is probably related to Charles Drinkwater who was involved with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

But I don’t think he ever actually lived on the land. I also noticed that the Canadian Pacific Railway owned the land originally. So it’s hard to say who this could have been. I couldn’t find any information on a potential child getting killed by train back then, but of course, records are hard to find.

So I’m not sure that I believe that this claim, however, it is kind of a spooky location. And since you have to walk along the tracks to get to it, because there is no road to it. It is a little bit of an eerie feeling, especially since, while we were there, we saw a, I think it was a coyote and it had run across.

And I think it actually went into the basement of the building. Cause there’s a big hole in the basement of the building. So I wouldn’t want to go into the building myself cause I’m pretty sure things are living in it that are living things, not ghosts. I don’t know. What do you think, have you ever been to the screaming house?

Do you think that the legend is true? And that is all for today. So next time I’m actually going to be moving to some locations in Regina and some of these are going to be including interviews and live tours of the location. So I’m really excited about them. So make sure that you like this video and you subscribe

if you want to be able to get notified of when these next videos come up. Now, if you’re interested in more about these locations, I’ll put links down below to the Indian Head website that talks about the history of Indian Head and covers some of these things that were happening. You know, the Canadian Pacific Railway and where Indian Head got its name.

I’ll also include a link down below to the Bell Barn Society website, which has a ton of information about the bell barn and about mayor William Bell. So I highly recommend that you check it out. If you want to learn more about those locations and the actual history behind it.  There isn’t much about ghosts, but it is interesting read anyway. 

Thank you everyone for watching. Until next time my ghouls.


2 thoughts on “Video: Haunted Saskatchewan: Indian Head

  1. Hi! In the early 80s in the winter I had a strange experience at night driving towards Regina on #1 just past Sintaluta turnoff. A tall dark hooded ling cloaked figure crossed the road right in fri t in my vehicle without turning head. There were no obvious dwellings there. Just fields. This past weekend I heard there had been similar sightings in Indianhead area. If you have heard any I’d love to hear more. I’ve been creeped out and curious…..since the 80s.


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