Falling down a rabbit hole …

September long weekend is almost over already!?!? In case you are reading this and you are not from Canada, the first Monday of September is a stat holiday for us. This weekend was supposed to be a very productive weekend for our household, as we don’t have any family visiting and we decided that weContinue reading “Falling down a rabbit hole …”

Random thoughts during a writing break

I can’t believe that we are already past the halfway point of August. This summer has flown by and I haven’t had any spare time to think, let alone work on my blog. I thought I’d come online to do a short update on things. I hope everyone else’s summer is going okay. Lots ofContinue reading “Random thoughts during a writing break”

Vivid nightmares and panic disorders

If you have been following my blog, then you would know that one of the reasons that I write horror fiction (I think) has to do with my childhood home being haunted. Even though those ghosts were not mean or trying to harm anyone, they just wanted to have some fun, the experience as aContinue reading “Vivid nightmares and panic disorders”

Trying again …

I know the last time I was here, I said I was excited to start monthly challenges, starting with cutting back on sugar. Unfortunately, even though I was trying to plan my monthly challenges around the potential of losing Zoey, I didn’t think it would happen so fast. Six days into my cutting back onContinue reading “Trying again …”

My childhood home was haunted

My dream goal is to become a published horror author. This may include dabbling in other genres slightly, as my book ideas include everything from aliens to dystopian, but they all have a dark twist. Already, I have started hearing questions about why I chose horror to be my genre of choice. To be honest,Continue reading “My childhood home was haunted”

Clawing out of the darkness …

I have been struggling to think about what to write about this week. I have a few ideas, but I just haven’t felt like writing them. And if I don’t feel like writing them, I can’t imagine someone would feel like reading my attempt at forcing myself to do it. My week started out withContinue reading “Clawing out of the darkness …”