Haunted Saskatchewan: Government House, Regina – Part 3: The Ghosts

Welcome, my ghouls, to the next location in the Haunted Saskatchewan series. This time, we are heading into a location near downtown Regina – the Government House. This time, I have split up the posts into three sections, allowing you to choose where you want to start:

  1. The history of the Government House building
  2. The paranormal activity that staff members have experienced; and
  3. The potential ghost(s) haunting the location.

If you like learning about the history of locations, particularly in the time of the Canadian Pacific Railway expansion across Saskatchewan, check out Section 1. 

If you want to read about the paranormal experiences, feel free to jump to Section 2.

If you want to hear about who we think haunts the Government House, jump to Section 3.

Section 3: The Ghost(s)

This location is difficult to pinpoint who exactly might be doing the actual haunting. Since the furniture and décor in the building were all brought into the location from antique stores and museums, the possibilities for sources are endless. However, there was one person that did also die in the building, and he is thought to be one of the ghosts watching over the building. 

“Howie” is the affectionate name that has been given to the main ghost of the Government House. Staff believe that “Howie” is in fact a previous cook named Cheun Lee. Cheun Lee had worked as a cook in the Government House for the Lieutenant Governors Munroe and McNab. He had come to Regina from China and lived upstairs in the servant’s quarters of the building in the 1930’s. During the entire history of the building, Cheun Lee is the only known person to actually pass away in the building. He had passed away from pneumonia in 1938.

Cheun Lee, the suspected ghost of the Regina Government House in Saskatchewan
Cheun Lee is in the bottom right image (half of his face has been cut by the edge of the picture). Source: Information poster in the Dining Room of the Government House.

Apparently, Cheun Lee did not particularly like children. It was said that he had once poured dirty dish water on children that came to the Government House on Halloween night. He was also known for shuffling around the house in his slippers.

Although Cheun Lee was known to die in the building, the types of paranormal activity experienced in the location makes me think that someone else is haunting the location. One of which could be a previous caretaker or maid, which would explain why some of the paranormal activity has been considered a ghost trying to help. Since the ghosts knock over pamphlets and insist on particular décor, perhaps it is a previous caretaker or maid that still has pride in keeping the location up to their expected standard.

The other ghosts I am assuming are connected to the many antique objects in the building. The children that have been heard on the location could be attached to one of the many antique dolls or toys, or even the music box that has been said to start playing on occasion. Or perhaps someone that stayed in the convalescent home enjoyed their stay in the 1940’s and 1950’s and they returned to the location to help future generations.

It is hard to say for sure who could be haunting the location. However, there was no negativity in the space, so whoever is lurking the halls and moving around the furniture mean no harm to the staff. They seem to enjoy the company and the building. I can’t really blame them – the building is beautiful, and the antique pieces are in great condition. I know I will be returning to visit the Government House often. 

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Although haunted, the ghosts at Government House seem to only be there to help the staff or play small tricks on them. It would appear to be ghosts of people that just want to be around the beautiful décor and be part of history. 

My family and I love the Government House, especially my kids. The museum is fun to go through, but they also hold Victorian teas and have Canada Day celebrations. My kids especially love the Christmas teas, so I highly recommend you visit the Government House if you ever get a chance! 


Government House Saskatchewan website, https://governmenthousesk.ca

Parks Canada website, https://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/dfhd/page_nhs_eng.aspx?id=755

Plaques within the Government House Museum

Tour guide, Government House, 2022


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