Audiogram: The Truth

Last week, I decided to try something new, and this is what I created! It is an audiogram of my short story The Truth. It was a lot of fun to make, even though I am definitely not a voice actor, but I may keep making these once a month for fun! Let me knowContinue reading “Audiogram: The Truth”

Magicians Lie Part 3: The Apprentice

Birds singing in the distance made Godric stir. He rubbed at his eyes. His head was pounding again. It felt warmer than usual, and his back didn’t hurt from the hard ground under his blankets. In fact, the ground wasn’t hard beneath him at all. It was soft and warm. He felt around the blanketsContinue reading “Magicians Lie Part 3: The Apprentice”

Part 2: The Magician

Willifred’s house was small, with only one bedroom. Godric had to sleep on a makeshift bed in the corner of the main living area. It was near the stove, so it at least kept him warm as the nights grew colder. Although he was used to getting up early on the ship, his body achedContinue reading “Part 2: The Magician”

Part 1: Shipwreck

“All hands on deck!” hollered the Captain from somewhere in the upper decks. Godric rolled over in his small bunk, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The sky outside his small, round window was dark. The ship was rocking hard, which meant they were sailing through a storm. He wondered if it was even morningContinue reading “Part 1: Shipwreck”

Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 2

Go back to Part 1 That night, Juliet had a fitful sleep. She assumed the bad take-out food was the cause, but something in her subconscious nagged at her. When the morning finally came, she woke to the smell of coffee filling her small bedroom. She rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling,Continue reading “Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 2”

Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls

Juliet looked at the man standing on her concrete doorstep. He looked comical in his navy blue suit and yellow tie with a bright orange bicycle helmet on his head, reminding her of a traffic cone. The aviator sunglasses topped off the look of someone that was trying hard to impress his employers at theContinue reading “Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls”