Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 3

Start the story at Part 1 “How the hell did you get here?” At first, Juliet thought about running from the house again, but her mind returned to earlier that morning. At the thought of the police officers laughing on their way out of the house, she wondered if this was what they were laughingContinue reading “Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 3”

Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 2

Go back to Part 1 That night, Juliet had a fitful sleep. She assumed the bad take-out food was the cause, but something in her subconscious nagged at her. When the morning finally came, she woke to the smell of coffee filling her small bedroom. She rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling,Continue reading “Great Aunt Millie’s Dolls – Part 2”