Searching for Saskatchewan’s Paranormal and Unexplained with Josh from TikTok

The KDK Ghoul Community is growing, and we now have a ParaGhoul Paranormal Community chapter!

As a way to give back to the fantastic community that is growing, I am starting a KDK Ghoul Community Spotlight. This new monthly series will feature someone from the Ghoul Community.

Thanks to Josh from TikTok ((at)yousaywhoa) for being my first video interview! Josh has a TikTok series called SKary Saskatchewan and is also the host of The Curious Narrative on Cosmos Astrum radio. He has been involved in paranormal investigations in the past and loves talking about both the paranormal and the unexplained in Saskatchewan.

If you or someone you know is interested in the paranormal and unexplained and would like to be part of the KDK Ghoul Community, head over to my homepage to find out how to join! We love to talk about ghosts, paranormal activity, paranormal investigations, and research – especially in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.


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