Biblioghoul Book Club

I am excited to finally announce something that I have been wanting to do for quite a few months now!!

Do you like horror books? In particular, books about ghosts, the paranormal, monsters, or even gothic horror? We could even do some psychological thrillers/suspense if the group wants to do it. (You might even be able to convince me to read some body horror/gore, but hopefully not a lot)

Then you might be interested in joining the Biblioghoul Book Club! This bi-monthly book club will be held over Discord, where we will have different channels for getting to know each other (a general chat), talking about any book (book recommendation chat), a poll to help pick the next book, as well as a collaboration channel, where those interested in collaborating on YouTube, Instagram, or blogs can make plans and chat. Of course, there will also be a book club chat to talk about the book club of choice!

I hope to start this book club officially on March 1, so sign up now so that you can be involved in picking the first book! The first poll to choose our first book will go live on February 21st.

Sign up at this link – for Discord, or check out the Facebook Group here –

Note, I will not use your email in any other way. It is just so that I can add you to the Discord channel.

I hope to see you in the Discord channel soon! Until next time, my ghouls!


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