Video: Introductions

I have started a YouTube Channel! I will add the videos to relevant posts that line up with the videos I create on YouTube. I will also make sure to include transcripts below each post in case you are interested in reading what was said instead of watching the video. I hope you enjoy!

The first video is simply an introduction to who I am and what I plan to include in my weekly uploads to YouTube. Make sure you check it out and let me know what you think!


Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel!

I thought I’d start today with just a short video about who I am and what you will find on my channel in the future.

So first of all, I’m K.D. Kulpa. I’m a horror writer and I’m currently going down the path of trying to become published. As well, I’m also writing my second book and hopefully my third book soon. During this journey, I have been writing short stories on my website as part of my learning process to become a better writer, but I also post them so that hopefully other horror fans and supernatural fans can enjoy them and read them as well. I’ll put a link down below to my website so that you are able to check these out if you are interested.

I have also just recently started becoming kind of a pseudo ghost hunting experience because what started out as just me going out taking photos of locations around southern Saskatchewan while being bored during COVID has actually turned into searching for potentially haunted locations and taking pictures and trying to find out experiences and who has lived at the location. And again, you can find them down in my website in the link below, as I have been putting up articles about these locations. And I am excited to say that in 2022, I will actually be going to locations that are currently inhabited by people and getting some interviews and taking pictures and videos and those kinds of things. So I plan to include those videos here on my channel bi-weekly.

So I hope that you will subscribe and hit the bell notification and like this video so that you will be notified the next time I upload a video about either my writing journey or about the haunted locations that I am going to be visiting next. Thanks everyone.

Until next time my ghouls.


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